Jonathon Acorn

Jonathon Acorn
is …….
a comic, a fool, an entertainer, an actor,a puppeteer. He’s weird, wacky, bizarre, extremely funny, he’s a catalyst, a dogalyst, musical, outrageous, challenging and he is FUN!
Acorn’s show varies from traditional pantomime pieces to a Proctologist’s lecture on Haemorrhoids; from playing the blues harp to Puppetry. . 

Walkabout Characters are also on Acorn’s list; from the worlds ugliest baby to a classic jester,a roving reporter,a traffic director,Scrooge and no walkabout is complete without the classic pirate!

Variety pieces,festival shows,film work,,voice-overs,street festivals and corporate shows are all part of the life of Jonathon Acorn- the ‘Itinerant Entertainer’.(Jonathon likes to think that he is based in Auckland,New Zealand,however, in reality he lives in a suitcase! Which of course, is why he is so small!!)

Welcome to the realm of the Fool where nothing is sacred yet all is acknowledged.

Book him …. He’s Good!